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What it does
This tool will scan through your home pages and search for broken links, spelling mistakes etc. A full report of all warnings will be presented to you at the end.
The estimated time
It estimates the time to run based on the time taken so far multiplied by the number of pages left. If a new page is loaded containing many new links then the time will increase. A maximum of 300 pages will be processed and the system will halt if it reaches around 150 warnings.
Bad spelling
Some words may wrongly appear as spelling mistakes because the system uses a smaller dictionary than normal. Larger dictionaries contain so many words that practically any combination of letters will pass. If you don't believe me then I'll just say 'Therf werre eyght bokes' and leave it at that.
Your email address
Your email address is not passed on to anyone but does allow me to see who's using the system. If you have any suggestions, opinions or problems then please use the contact button above.
Example reports for the lemmings site and my home page