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ChromebooksImageMakersProcessorsIntroducedRAM size GBSSD size GBUpgradeable SSDScreen size inchesTouch screenBattery life in hoursWeight lbsPrice in USDWired networkingComment
C720AcerCeleron 2955U 1.4GHz2013216Y11N9.52.8240NGreat specs & upgradeable SSD vs cheap price & feel
Samsung Chromebook 2SamsungExynos 5 Octa core 1.9GHz2014416N13N8.53320N-
Toshiba 13ToshibaCeleron 2955U 1.4GHz2013216N13N913.3320NGood specs, great design, good price
Pixel 64GBGooglei5-3427U dual core 1.8GHz2013464N13Y53.41300NLuxury specs, luxury price!
HP Chromebook 11 (2)HPBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2014216N11N83.7280N-
CTL ChromebookCTLBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2014216N11N9.53.4280NAverage
CR 48GoogleAtom N455 1.7GHz2010216N12N8-0NUnavailable for purchase
HP Pavillion 4GBHPCeleron 847 1.8GHz2014416N14N84370N-
Samsung Series 3SamsungExynos 5 Dual core 1.7GHz2014216N11N6.52.4240Y-
C200AsusBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2014216N11N102.5250N-
C300MA-EDUAsusBay Trail Quad Core N2930 1.8G2014432N13N103.2330NNice specs
Acer Chromebook 13 (CB5-311-T1UU)AcerNvidia Tegra K12014432N13N9.53.3380NVery nice display
Dell Chromebook 11DellCeleron 2955U 1.4GHz2014216N11N102.9240NNice machine but hard to get hold of
CTL Chromebook-EDUCTLBay Trail Quad Core N2930 1.8G2014432N11N93.4280NGreat specs but not seen one yet
HP Chromebook 11 (1)HPExynos 5 Dual core 1.7GHz2013216N11N82.3280NNice build, nice screen, OK processor
C720PAcerCeleron 2955U 1.4GHz2013216Y11Y9.52.9280NBetter screen than standard model & upgradeable SSD, touch sensitive
C720-3871AcerCore i3-4005U 1.7GHz2014232N11N8.52.8350NGood specs, upgradeable SSD but no longer cheap
C720-3404AcerCore i3-4005U 1.7GHz2014432N11N8.52.8380NFantastic specs, upgradeable SSD but not cheap
Toshiba Chromebook 1ToshibaCeleron 2955U 1.4GHz2013216N13N82.8270NGreat design, good hardware, OK screen
Toshiba Chromebook 2 2015ToshibaCeleron 3215U 1.7GHz2015416Y13N92.8330NGreat screen, build, backlit keyboard, processor. Just great
Acer Chromebook 13 (CB5-311-T9B0)AcerNvidia Tegra K12014216N13N83.3300NHD display
Pixel 32GBGooglei5-3427U dual core 1.8GHz2013432N13N53.41300NLuxury specs, luxury price!
N20LenovoBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2013216N11N82.8280NNice looking with OK performance, detachable keyboard
N20PLenovoBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2013216N11Y82.8330NNice looking with OK performance, detachable keyboard
Toshiba Chromebook 2ToshibaBay Trail Dual Core N2830 2.1G2014416N13N92.8380NGreat screen, great build, average CPU
HP Chromebook 14 (1)HPCeleron 847 1.8GHz2013216N14N44249N-
HP Chromebook 14 Touch (2)HPNvidia Tegra K12014432N14Y83.7440NIt obviously costs to touch


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