Log Browser

Want to quickly see what your web application is up to?

This PHP program will allow you to quickly browse your log directory from anywhere. You could also use it to browse your web server or sql server log directory. The program does not allow you to edit any files. Feel free to take it for a test drive on one of my own applications.

Installing: Download the small zip file then extract the program and put it in your web directory. Remember to change the $dir variable in the program to point to your log directory. That's it.

Usage: The system currently shows the last files to be written to your log directory though you can optionally see all files in the directory. If you select a file then you will be shown the last lines of that file. You also have the option of seeing more lines. All these settings etc can be changed within the program.

Possible problems: If you just see the program code come up in your browser then you need to make sure your server can run PHP (most do). If it runs but you see no files listed then check the $dir variable is pointing at the right place and that the program has access to this directory. Be careful if any of your log files contain sensitive data such as passwords as these will now be viewable by those running this program.

Author: Mike Robinson - if you find it useful and you want to buy me a few virtual beers then send 5 GBP ...