MySQL Database Analysis (0.2b)
Purpose: This program provides a quick analysis of your MySQL database design.
  • It checks your indexing
  • It checks for primary and foreign keys
  • It ensures standard field definitions
  • It checks for naming standards
  • It reports any duplicate records
  • It reports on any unrequired tables
Demo: Feel free to try out the demo on one of my own small databases.

Requires: A MySQL database and the permission to place a PHP program onto your web server.

Install: First you need to either :

  • Download the tar file
  • tar xvzf check_db.tgz
  • Download the zip file
  • unzip
Then move the check_db.php program to your web directory and then finally access this page
through your browser where you'll be asked for connection details and various options.

Note: If you have any fresh ideas on how to improve the analysis then please contact me through my web site. I hope to make a number of improvements so please check back to this site and see if the version number has changed. If you have any feedback on the program then please use this thread on db forums.