Seas Of Neptune :


Background story :

You're the captain of a jump ship above the seas of Neptune. Your mission is to harvest rain and gas. Your score increases the more you collect. The game gets harder the longer you live. If you fill both the tanks in the top left then you earn a permanent power up while bubbles often contain temporary power ups.

Your ship's health as well as your remaining fuel and ammo are shown in the top right of the screen. Do not let these levels reach zero or you will die. Your ship will be damaged if you collide with the aliens or the sea. The levels do slowly recharge themselves but you can boost this recharge by getting the right power up. Periodically you'll get a supply pod crossing the screen. Get your ship to touch the supply pod and all your tanks get refilled but make sure you have enough jet fuel to reach the supply pod.

Install the game :

Download and unzip it. If you're on windows just double click the bat file. If you're on Linux then run the sh file. If you have any comments then feel free to contact me through my web page. Enjoy the game!

Control your ship :

  • Cursor or A to go left
  • Cursor or D to go right
  • Space to fire
  • Cursor or W to use jets
  • P to pause the game
  • Esc to quit
The program is free for personal use but it would make my day if you made a small donation ($5). If you're selling arcade cabinets and want to use the program then you must make a donation for each installation.